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Photographer FAQs

Our Foundation has always said that the {heart} of our Foundation is our amazing photographers. We are so grateful for your interest in our mission for HOPE for families that deserve everlasting the most.

Please take a moment to review our Code of Conduct and Rights and Responsibilities.

We take every step possible to ensure the Tiny Sparrow Foundation experience is positive for the family and children. If an interested photographer is not selected to partner with the Foundation at any given time, please know that it is not because a photographer’s work is not ‘good enough’ and/or size of current portfolio. Instead, it is likely due to a number of factors including schedules, availability, as well as a photographer’s ability to delicately handle the Tiny Sparrow session. As you can imagine, our families are venturing down a road of such uncertainty. Most of the selected photographers have several years of professional experience.

We ask all interested photographers whose application was not accepted to reapply the following year if desired.

What to Expect for A Picture of Hope session

When you are contacted by a Family Liaison, he/she will send you an introduction to your Tiny Sparrow. The information contained in this email is what we are legally allowed to share with the photographer. As referenced in the Code of Conduct and Rights and Responsibilities, the privacy and protection of any and all information pertaining to your Tiny Sparrow must be upheld at all times and never shared. Some families elect to not have their story or journey shared publicly.

An email will be sent from your Family Liaison to both the family and yourself introducing you. From there, it will be the photographer’s responsibility to coordinate the specifics of the session with the family. Once those arrangements have been confirmed they are to be communicated back to your Family Liaison.

Your Family Liaison will send you detailed information on our procedures Before the Session and After the Session. These two emails contain very important information. If you have any questions, please contact your liaison.

Common Questions

Q: What are the expectations that need to be met in order to qualify as a Tiny Sparrow Foundation photographer?

A: We are looking for a strong body of work in an online portfolio showing 1) families 2) children 3) indoor natural light. While many exceptional photographers have expertise in landscape, wedding and commercial, we are looking for photographers who have a portfolio of demonstrated experience working with children and families in a clean and consistent manner. Photographers must have business liability insurance and the ability to prove this through documentation. Our photography partnerships are the face of our Foundation which is why these expectations are incredibly important to us.

Q: Ok, so where do I sign up? I would love to help and be part of your mission of HOPE.

A: Please visit our Apply Now page.

Q: I am not a professional photographer, but I love to take pictures. Can I help?

A: We appreciate everyone who wants to help; however, the photographer affiliates for Tiny Sparrow Foundation are hand-selected, seasoned professionals. We have very specific reasons for this. These sessions are not for learning/amateur photographers. It is important that the photographer shooting the session be experienced enough to focus on the family and child’s needs in what may be a sensitive situation. Also, there is no room for error or reshoots. We hope you understand.

Q: Can I share the images from my session with my family if they tell me it is ok?

A: No, due to liability issues and a strict privacy process the Foundation follows, no images may be shared from the photographer to the family.

Q: My family said I could share the images on my Facebook page, blog or website so do I need permission to do so from TSF?

A: YES!  Do not post any images of your tiny sparrow and/or details of your Tiny Sparrow until your Family Liaison has gone over the Family’s signed privacy release. Only images with the TSF watermark can be published online.

Q: A media outlet/corporation contacted me asking to release a Tiny Sparrow image. Do I need permission from TSF?

A: YES. Please have them contact Tiny Sparrow Foundation directly at info@tinysparrowfoundation.org

Q: Do I produce the album for the family?

A: No,  each photographer submits edited images and Tiny Sparrow Foundation takes care of the rest for the family.

Q: Can I sell prints or canvas to the family from my studio?

A: We ask  that you not.  If you wish to donate an item to the family that would be HOPEful.  Tiny Sparrow Foundation’s A Picture of Hope is at no cost to each and family.

Q: Can I solicit donations or hold fundraisers in Tiny Sparrow’s name?

A: We ask that you not use the Tiny Sparrow Foundation’s name to solicit donations on your own, rather you can support the cause by directing those who would give to our blog. Donations may be made via the donate buttons, mailing a check to our address or by attending one of the Tiny Sparrow hosted fundraisers or events.

Q: I know a family in need. Can I photograph this family for Tiny Sparrow?

A: Unless your are an official TSF affiliate photographer you may not use the Tiny Sparrow Foundation name and or logo in any way. You may encourage them to apply and mention your name in the “other information” field.

Q: I sent my application in a while ago and have not heard back. Does this mean you are not interested in my help?

A: Not at all and we apologize if any of you have gotten delayed responses. We are a growing and volunteer-based foundation. We are working so very hard to answer all of your questions and emails. Please be patient and thank you for waiting.