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Tiny sparrow foundation….photography for kids with cancer


So far we have raised $2,300 wow… Thank you soooo much everybody.. We are still about $700 away from even being able to file for the foundation with the IRS.. But I am hopeful that we can do it.. Another great need that we have at this time is a laptop so another person could come in and help me with the emails and keeping track of all the companies we are working on.. Also, they will have to help me maybe design a little book for this families or maybe the Christmas cards. I wish I could do everything but I just can’t… If anybody has a way to maybe get a laptop at a discount price or some other way that we could get it that would be a tremendous help.. Thank you so much for anything you might be able to help with…

First off I wanted to thank everybody for pouring out your love and kind emails to let me know how much the pictures of Kate and baby Walker touched your heart and how you were able to appreciate life more, to appreciate the little things that we so tend to forget. The reality seems to set into every person that was able to watch the slide shows and that is: the time here on earth is borrowed, it is short and it’s unpredictable and we need to treasure every moment we have with our kids..

Kate’s story brought over 1.5 million visitors on my website and so did Walker’s story.. I had no idea the impact these pictures will have on so many of you. I wish I could stop here and continue on with my life.. Nile Peaytt, a songwriter fighting cancer, said it best in one of his emails to me: “you could stop here and be proud…or you can reach more. Hope starts with one person”. And he is soo right I have to reach more and I am reaching for your support and donation to get this organization started. I am working with printing companies that are willing to donate some products for this families and then the amazing Luxecetera design company is donating their services to help me create the branding behind all this.

I have researched the cost of starting a non profit foundation and they are way out my reach ($3,000). I am asking anybody that is willing to help and that has it on their hearts to be part of creating some memories for families struck by the tragedy of cancer (or any other terminal illness) to donate whatever they can so I can get this started..

If you can’t donate anything please spread the word to your friends and family and maybe they can. Like Nile said, hope starts with one person and hope starts with you.


Hi Lidia, when you have a moment, even if it is after the holidays, would you mind sending me an email as to how I can get involved with your organization out here in California? Thank you.


I was touched by the work you are doing. I recall my husbands brave fight with cancer and it haunts me to this day…I can’t imagine having to go through that with a child..The photography you do is amazing and will bring comfort to the families that will last a lifetime.
Do you think you can email me an address where I can send you a check? I don’t do online banking etc….It won’t be much, but I think every little bit will help.
Have a blessed holiday season.
Winnie Uffelmann

donna k

Hello Lidia,
I am not in a position to help with money at this time however I would love know how I can get involved with your organization here in Ga. Please email me with any details as to how I can help, also please include an address as to where I can send some money after the New Year.

I love what you are doing. I’ve been blessed to have opportunities to help families document their families before or during chemo and radiation treatments. From a grandma diagnosed with liver cancer and a mom diagnosed with breast cancer to a beautiful little girl diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor- they are my most cherished shoots and I look forward to doing many more. http://amysanfordphotography.blogspot.com

I can’t donate to you right now, but I wish that I could. However, when you are ready for volunteer photographers please contact me at the above e-mail because I would love to help you and be a part of your wonderful charity!


I’d love to know how I can be invovled in this foundation! I live in the Southwest Virginia, Northeast Tennessee area. Thanks!