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Jaxon | Connecticut

Meet 2-year-old Jaxon and his family. You can’t help but smile seeing his smile! And if you sing him a song, the smile will grow even wider.

Jaxon has a twin brother and an older sister too. He wins the World Record for happiest baby, ever. Jaxon has no idea that he’s even sick.

He loves Superman, so his loved ones affectionately call him Super Jax. He also lights up for stuffed animals and anything musical.

Super Jax is dependent on a trach, a ventilator, and an NG feeding tube. He cannot walk due to severe hip dysplasia. Jaxon has OEIS complex, and the challenges he faces are vast, ranging from chronic lung disease to spina bifida.

We wish Jaxon a lifetime of love and laughs.

A special thank you to Stacy Burt of http://www.stacyburtphoto.com for donating her time and talent.


Benjamin | California

Meet 5-year-old Benjamin and his big, brave family.

He is one of 5 boys — 3 older brothers and 1 younger brother. Benjamin loves super heroes and playing with his brothers. Ben loves the beach and swimming too. He enjoys all things boy.

It’s hard to believe, because he looks perfectly healthy in pictures, but he has been fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia for the last two years.

“His strength on a daily basis is so inspiring (he is on daily chemotherapy) and his resiliency is amazing to witness,” his Mom shared. “His brothers are his biggest supporters and the best helpers.”

Benjamin will continue his treatment though early 2017 and has a long road ahead of him, but we know he’ll knock out the cancer with a 1-2 punch.

A special thank you to Enie Foraker of http://www.mylittleladybugs.com for donating her time and talent.


Blake | Missouri

Meet Blake and his loving parents. Blake just celebrated his 1st birthday!

He loves music, toys that light up and sing, peek-a-boo, laughing with Mommy and Daddy, and colorful picture books.

Blake is such a sweet and inspiring boy.

Behind his striking blue eyes is an innocent baby fighting for his life, due to end stage renal disease. Blake is waiting for a kidney transplant, and also has Jacobsen Syndrome and Overgrowth Syndrome.

“He was in the hospital for over 125 days. Today, our son is on dialysis at home 12 hours a day. Typically he is hooked up from 7pm – 8am and receives nutrition through a feeding tube,” his Mom explained.

We hope Blake will receive a perfect kidney donation soon and will enjoy his life to the fullest.

A special thank you to Jennifer Crowe of http://cobblestoneroadphotography.blogspot.com/ for donating her time and talent.


Journey | North Carolina

Meet Journey. Perfect, precious, pretty Journey.

Born on July 25th weighing 3 lbs. 5 oz., Journey was induced at 37 weeks because she wouldn’t grow any bigger without intervention, due to having Mosiac Trisomy 18 — an extra copy of chromosome 18. 
Journey was in the NICU for 19 days getting down to 3 lbs. She is not able to eat or suck by mouth and is NG-Tube fed among a few other anomalies. Today Journey celebrates her 3-month birthday at 5.5 lbs. Once she reaches 7 lbs. she’ll have G-tube surgery which will allow the feeding tube to be removed from her nose.
She is the youngest of four children. Journey loves music; Mom sings to her all the time!
Her Mom shared, “She has given us a new outlook and appreciation for special needs children and these special families. Not knowing how much time the family had with her, we started celebrating her while still in the womb.” Mom and Dad were married in Maui and found it fitting to give her a Hawaiian middle name pronounced lay-LAH-nee and the meaning of Leilani is “heavenly lei; royal child of Heaven.” They look forward to celebrating her 1st birthday!

A very special thank you to Heather McGinnis of http://www.heathermcginnisphotography.com for donating her time and talent.

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dolynda steffey

We love this wonderful family . Journey you such a beauty . A gift from God . Our prayers are with you all

Ethan | Washington

Meet Ethan and his family.

Little Ethan is approaching his 2nd birthday and the greatest gift he could ever receive is a kidney transplant donation; he has end stage renal disease.

Ethan had been on peritoneal dialysis since he was 5 days old.

His Mom shared, “Ethan is such an amazing little man. He has been through so much and continues to wake up every morning with a big smile on his face. Ethan has brought so much joy and sunlight into our lives.” Ethan loves being outside, really enjoys watching his Dad and big brother play ball. He is always so happy and talks a lot. Ethan loves music. His all-time favorite song is You Are My Sunshine. The thing that makes Ethan smile the most is seeing his family smile. Ethan can be extremly silly as well, he will try anything to make you laugh.

A very special thank you to Missy Fant of www.missyfantphotography.com for donating her time and talent.

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