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Veronica | Virginia

Meet Veronica. This 10-year-old sweet pea is a little ray of sunshine to everyone who crosses her path. She is the middle child and has both an older and younger sister — who both, in their own right — “look up” to Veronica.

Named after her father Ronnie, “Little Ronnie” came into this earth with more courage, more bravery, and more perseverance than many adults will possess in a lifetime.

Her parents expected a perfectly healthy baby through the pregnancy, but on the day of Veronica’s birth, a 2-page stapled paper was given to her Mommy and Daddy that read: Trisomy 13 is not compatible with life.

In that very moment, their lives would be changed forever. Trisomy 13, also called Patau syndrome, is a chromosomal condition associated with severe intellectual disability and physical abnormalities in many parts of the body. It is considered very rare. Due to the presence of several life-threatening medical problems, many infants with Trisomy 13 die within their first days or weeks of life. Only five percent to 10 percent of children with this condition live past their first year.

So as you can imagine, Veronica has quite literally defied the odds and recently celebrated her 10th birthday. She can not talk, walk or speak and is G-tube dependent. She needs medical assistance 24-hours a day. She has been a warrior through several surgeries over the course of her life. But her smile, oh her smile is everything. She absolutely loves music, her family, and is cherished beyond measure.

When asked what is her biggest fear, Veronica’s Mother said that maybe they didn’t do enough. But it’s evident by their daughter’s exceptionally longer life span, coupled by the transcendent light in Veronica’s eyes, that they have certainly done enough, and so much more. Fighting back tears, she explained, “All I care about is for her to be happy. She loves being in a social environment, she definitely lets us know when she’s happy by laughing and smiling. She is the strongest one of all of us.”

Our deepest appreciation and gratitude goes to Katie of Katie Cartwright Photography for selflessly donating her time and talent to this family: http://www.katiecartwrightphotography.com

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Cassie Daniel

We love you Cummings Family!!

Amy Heller

I know this family and they are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. Veronica goes to school with my Liam and we are part of the same palliative care organization. She has the sweetest gentle soul. Thank you for sharing their story and absolutely gorgeous photos that capture the beauty of this family.

Kim Steuber

Amazing pictures of a truly AMAZING FAMILY. They are beyond special. Veronica is unbelievable.

Rebecca Parker

Totally in love with this family and especially Veronica! She has inspired so many and is simply an angel on earth that we have been blessed with. This whole family has defied all odds with such a difficult challenge handed to them at such a young age. Ronnie and Christina are any parents heros!

Erik | Illinois

Meet 13-year-old Erik and his sweet family.

Erik loves music and loves to sing. Although he doesn’t talk much, he sure can sing. When Erik is happy and having a good day, his smile and laughter light up a room and everyone in it.

Erik also loves to hug, and he gives the best ones.

His mother shared, “Erik is a very sick little boy. He has been in and out of the hospital since October 2014, but mostly in. He went from being very verbal and potty trained, to no longer having these skills. He has declined rapidly since October. He has lost so many skills that he has aquired over the years.”

Erik faces many hardships including autism, ADHD, sensory integration, a seizure disorder, bipolar, schitzophrenia, and a brain lesion that cannot be biopsied due to the location.

It’s hard to imagine a little boy going through all of these challenges, and our hearts go to Erik’s courageous family who are the epitome of love.

Thank you to Tangie Sheets  http://www.lifereflectionsbytangie.com for donating her time and talent.
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Mandy West

Erik is so sweet n Handsome.I’m so glad I’ve met his mommy Stacie through Facebook n both live in Illinois My daughter Aaliyah with some of the exact diagnosis as Erik both have had long stays at a Streamwood Hospital I feel like I know Lil Erik through his Mommies stories n pictures He’s the best Love You Sweet Handsome Boy #TEAMERIK

What a great family. God bless you in your journey.

Maya | Wisconsin

Meet 17-year-old Maya and her loving Mother.

Maya is a vibrant, funny, engaging, and sensitive girl. She loves people and she has a penguin, Waddles, that goes everywhere with her.

Today, there is no comparing to a year ago when her sparkle seemed dull and the Maya from just 6 months earlier seemed lost inside her. The laughter now pours out of her and the love she shares is so genuine.  Maya’s mother said, “She has taught me to be constantly grateful and always aware how blessed we really are. I will continue to take her lead and be thankful for each piece, each person, and each moment of every day.”

Maya was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease, CVID (common variable immune deficiency), and liver failure. She is attached to a backpack with IVs, uses a wheelchair or stroller for long distance but can stand/walk short distances. Behind her bright, larger than life smile, you would never know the developmental delays she has faced.

A heartfelt thank you to Gina Fiene of http://www.FienePhotography.com for donating her time and talent.




Sara | Pennsylvania

Meet 16-year-old Sara and her beautiful family.

Sara loves anything British – she chose London for her Make-A-Wish trip and was able to travel there last summer for a once-in-a-lifetime dream trip. She is a HUGE Harry Potter fan and she loves to read. She has read the Harry Potter series numerous times and could probably quote the books directly.

Sara is shy around new people (especially adults), but she has a wonderful group of friends and she loves to spend time with them. She is a smart girl with a love of learning and she has a huge heart and great empathy for others.

This brave young lady has pulmonary hypertension and ectopic atrial tachycardia. We admire her bravery to persevere through a challenging road, and wish her a happy, healthy, a very long life ahead full of laughs and love.

A special thank you to Christine Chardo of http://www.christinechardophotography.com for donating her time and talent.


Colby | Pennsylvania

Meet 5-year-old Colby and his family. He is a joy to be around and is a big brother to two beautiful sisters. Colby loves to smile and make others smile. He loves to go on gator rides and ride in his Daddy’s truck.

He also enjoys running and swimming at the pool.

Colby has tracheoesophageal fistula (TEF), an abnormal connection between the esophagus and the trachea. TEFs can often lead to severe pulmonary complications.

This cutie patootie throughly enjoys life to the fullest even though he has had some difficulties along the way.

A very special thank you to Deb Kepiro of Annie Sharp Photography http://anniesharp.com for donating her time and talent.

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