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Code of Conduct



The purpose of this policy is to assist Tiny Sparrow Foundation (TSF) in maintaining the integrity, quality and uniform manner of the {Picture of Hope} program. This code of conduct has been formulated to clarify the type of conduct that is expected of volunteers when participating in programs and/or activities on behalf of Tiny Sparrow Foundation. The TSF Board of Trustees asks all volunteers to comply with this policy and conduct themselves in a professional manner by exercising respect, privacy, patience and consideration to the Tiny Sparrow families.

Code of Conduct:

The following is the Code of Conduct (the “Code”) for all volunteers of Tiny Sparrow Foundation, a non-profit corporation incorporated in Texas (the “Foundation”). The purpose of the Code is to provide the Foundation’s volunteers or other representatives rules of conduct when performing services for or on behalf of the Foundation (the “services”), such that services are provided in a uniform, considerate and professional manner.

1. When you are in the home of a Tiny Sparrow for the purpose of providing services, please be respectful of the family’s requests and wishes at all times.

2. When you are in the hospital for the purpose of providing services, you are a guest of the family and must conduct services with as little disruption to the hospital as possible. Be mindful that hospital staff is working, therefore you must refrain from being a distraction and limit the amount of contact you have with them.

3. Conduct the services in a professional and respectful manner by exhibiting at all times respectful and proper behavior, sensitivity to the family and in instances when interacting with the hospital staff.

4. Treat any and all information, whether in writing or otherwise, that is shared with you by the Foundation or any others for or in connection with the services, and which is not otherwise available to the public, as confidential to the full extent permitted by law.

5. Volunteers providing professional photography services must take adequate backup measures of the images and promptly thereafter complete the logging of the session per the submission procedures established by the Foundation.

6. Volunteers providing professional photography services shall deliver images to the Foundation within two (2) weeks of the photography session that are both professionally retouched and reasonably free of defects. Delivery instructions are provided in the “After the Shoot” email from your Family Liaison.

7. Volunteers must familiarize themselves with all the information posted in the “Photographers” section of the Foundation’s website.

8. Use of your affiliation with Tiny Sparrow Foundation to solicit or promote your personal photography or other business is strictly prohibited. Please direct all questions to Director of Communications if you are not sure what may be appropriate to use.

9. Must be timely and prompt in replying to all emails sent by the Foundation’s staff, including requests to provide services, by either accepting or declining a request for services.

10. Volunteers are strongly encouraged to make a donation to the Foundation by the due date provided by the Foundation or timely request, and receive in writing, a waiver thereof from the Foundation. This donation goes directly towards subsidizing overhead expenses for photographer management (e.g. training materials, shipping charges, administrative costs, etc.) Please direct any questions to Director of Finance

11. If you feel you must address an issue at any point or find yourself uncomfortable, please immediately contact your Family Liaison.

12. If you are involved in any manner in the representation of the Foundation in the media, representations you make about or on behalf of the Foundation must be proper and accurate and must be coordinated with Director of Communications.

13. Provide immediate written notice to the Foundation of the receipt or service of any subpoena or other legal process directed to you regarding any services performed or in any way relating to the Foundation.

14. Uphold the Tiny Sparrow Foundation mission and image and hold your Tiny Sparrow’s information to the highest level of privacy at all times.

The Foundation’s good name and its reputation for integrity and good citizenship depend upon each one of us. Our individual conduct has a direct and significant impact on the Foundation’s activities and reputation. Acting with integrity, maintaining harmonious and respectful relations among fellow photographers as well as with those whom we provide services to, safeguarding confidentiality and upholding the Foundations mission.

The Foundation retains the authority to immediately deactivate or suspend volunteer memberships or to suspend or remove people from their positions with the Foundation, if the Foundation deems, in its sole discretion, through its Board of Directors or other authorized committee or representative that such individual has not fully complied with the Code.