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Photographer’s Rights and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of a Tiny Sparrow Foundation Photographer
We are honored that you have selected the Tiny Sparrow Foundation to help support our courageous families. The goal is to ensure that they have treasured memories to last a lifetime, through the beautiful art of photography, and experience hope in the midst of an uncertain journey.

Our photographers are the heart of our Picture of Hope program.

Being part of Tiny Sparrow Foundation takes a special person, with a special gift behind the lens.  Before committing to our mission, we ask that you take the time to carefully and thoroughly read this document.

The Photographer Selection Process:
We take every step possible to ensure the Tiny Sparrow Foundation experience is positive for the photographer, family and children involved.

Our families are facing unthinkable, unpredictable, and moments of life altering decisions. Because of this sensitive situation, only poised photographers who can conduct themselves in the highest level of professionalism are selected to represent the Tiny Sparrow Foundation.

More about the Selection Process:
First, all interested photographers need to complete a Photographers Snapshot Form on our website –  http://www.tinysparrowfoundation.org.  Click on Photographers and then click Apply Now.  Each and every application is reviewed by an independent review committee.  This process can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks as each snapshot is carefully reviewed for the following requirements:

1.    Website Presence – depth and range of portfolio
2.    Facebook Presence – creative approach to communicating vision of life through images
3.    Demonstrates appropriate use of natural lighting
4.    Creative details
5.    Ability to capture someone’s inner essence and not just what they look like on the surface
6.    Focus
7.    Exposure

If an interested photographer is not selected to be part of our Photographer network at this time, please understand that it is not because a photographer’s work is not ‘good enough’ and/or size of current portfolio, but instead because of our selective screening process that has been skillfully and carefully designed by the leading photographers in the United States.  We encourage those dedicated to our mission to re-apply again after a year.

The {heart and soul} requirement of representing the Tiny Sparrow Foundation

Photographers Requirements:
Agree to the Tiny Sparrow Foundation Code of Conduct and the Volunteer for Hope Agreement.

Sign and return the Volunteer for Hope to our headquarters office by emailing to photog@tinysparrowfoundation.org or mail to Tiny Sparrow Foundation | 9720 Coit Road, Ste 220 -196 | Plano, TX 75025.

Agree to provide timely and professional communications to Tiny Sparrow Foundation and your assigned Tiny Sparrow families.

Agree to not use this partnership as a means of promoting your personal business.
Uphold the Tiny Sparrow Foundation mission and image, and hold your Tiny Sparrow’s information at the highest level of privacy at all times.

Be mindful that some families may not elect to publish any photos for Tiny Sparrow Foundation Facebook, blog or website.

Please be mindful of your own health for a Picture of Hope session.

Agree to contact your Family Liaison if any questionable situation arises.

Due to privacy issues and the delicate and often personal circumstances involving a Tiny Sparrow, only Tiny Sparrow Foundation photographers and assistant(s) are allowed to be present for the photo shoot.

Leading up to the day of the scheduled shoot, as well as the day of the shoot, please do not post any information about your Tiny Sparrow and/or shoot details on your Facebook, blog or website. Photographers must practice total discretion until a written consent form is completed by the family which will determine publicly sharing information related to the family.

If a potential family approaches you, immediately direct them to Tiny Sparrow Foundation to complete a Family Intake Form. Please do not act as an agent for Tiny Sparrow Foundation on behalf of a family.

Upon completion of your Tiny Sparrow photography session, submit all images to the Tiny Sparrow Foundation.  If a family consents, we will provide you with any images that you would like from your session so that they can be posted to your Facebook and/or blog with the Tiny Sparrow Foundation watermark.

If you are approached by a third party requesting copies of images taken for the Tiny Sparrow Foundation, please direct all requests to the Tiny Sparrow Foundation. Also, personally notify Tiny Sparrow Foundation of any such requests.

After your Picture of Hope session, please do not solicit your Tiny Sparrow family for future business and/or to order prints from Picture of Hope session.

Next Steps…
Photographers accepted into the Tiny Sparrow Foundation volunteer program will receive an email confirming details. This email will also contain a banner file that can be placed on a website, blog and/or Facebook page to let your clients know your involvement in spreading hope for those families that deserve hope the most.

We will include a Volunteer for Hope agreement that will require your signature for our files.  We ask that it be returned to our Foundation in a timely manner.

While the Foundation is still spreading our wings, we cannot guarantee a family session need in your area.  However, if our Foundation is presented with a family in need and is located in your area, you will be contacted for scheduling availability.

We appreciate you taking the time to carefully read through this information. Thank you for respecting the steps we have taken to protect and provide our Tiny Sparrow families with a Picture of Hope.  We also hope you found this insight helpful on why our selection process is so detailed and involved.

We thank you for the support of our Foundation and wanting to help spread {hope.}

The Board of Directors
Tiny Sparrow Foundation