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Family FAQ

Our TSF families have shared that navigating the difficult journey of critical illness is filled with many emotions. Anxiety and fear of the unknown are forefront, but so is {HOPE}. At Tiny Sparrow Foundation,  we believe in {HOPE} and aim to provide your family with meaningful images and lasting memories.

Our professional photographers are the best of the best. They are chosen through a highly selective screening process. We work with only experienced, skilled and passionate photographers who are mindful of your family’s individual needs. The photographer will arrive to your specified location, prepared to shoot under any circumstance (whether at a hospital, your home or an off-site location).

The first step in The Tiny Sparrow | Picture of Hope process is to complete our Family Application.

Once this form has been submitted and the required paperwork is completed, your Family Liaison will guide you through the Picture of Hope process and complete every detail needed to ensure a successful photography session. If your family consents to sharing the images and story of your child, we will contact you to gain input for your child’s story.

After your Picture of Hope photo session has taken place and with your signed consent, we will post a few preview pictures on our blog and Facebook page. If you elect not to have images from your photo session posted, we will respect that decision and comply with privacy preferences.

Included with your session is the showcase piece of the Picture of Hope process: A custom designed, hardcover 10×10 Tiny Sparrow Album of {Hope}. Your completed Picture of Hope package will be mailed to you containing your album and a CD with digital images including a full print release signed over to your family. You have permission to share and print the pictures at your own discretion for friends and family to enjoy.

Q: My child is over the age of 18, is he or she eligible for a Picture of Hope.

A: Sadly, our non-profit guidelines require for us to operate under the legal definition of child.  Therefore, we are unable to accept intake forms for anyone over the age of 18.

Q: We have a family friend that is a photographer. Can we ask him/her to be our Picture of Hope photographer?

A: The Director of Family Relations will assign an approved photographer from our network that has been trained on the Picture of Hope process. However, we encourage you to direct them to our website to apply for an affiliate position.

Q: Can I have more than one session with Tiny Sparrow Foundation?

A: We are sorry, but in order to share the gift of lasting memories with as many families as possible, we have a policy of one Picture of Hope session per child.