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Here is a little bit about Danica in her mom’s words: ” Hello, my name is Danica Carly Rivers. I was born on July 26th, 2009. I fell off the couch on Christmas because God wanted my Dr. to find out about the brain tumor I was born with. It was getting bigger and bigger and was pushing my brain stem all the way over. My surgeon Dr. Dale Swift took it out for me on January 11th and it was not easy. I am a strong girl though. I made it! I know God has a purpose for me and he put me here for a reason. God is holding me in his arms when my mommy, daddy and sissy can’t. I’m so glad I have so many people who love me and are praying for me and that makes me happy. I am hurting now, but one day I will be big like my sissy and I will show everyone what a true miracle looks like.” Thank you Ali Wood Photography for the beautiful pictures.

Amanda Garza

This slide show is amazing!! The photography was phenomenal.I love it. I am so thankful for an organization like this to offer their services and bring such joy to our family when we look at these photos.

Billy House

Wow what a beautiful family and Danika is such an amazing little girl.We will continue to pray for her.

Elizabeth Yeager

Thank you God for people who donate there time and money to people who have cancer. This is my family my grandchild that has cancer. I thank everyone who has prayed for her. The pictures are beautiful the best I have ever seen thank you for doing this for my family.

Really great pictures!


Oh these are so wonderful pictures which show so many dear ones.


I have known Danielle for a long time. Words can’t describe how strong of a MOTHER she is. That video touched my heart and brought a tear to my eye because that beautiful little girl is a fighter and will continue to beat all odds. My prayers go out to the family and may she continue to grow strong and beautiful and be in inspiration to us all! I love you DANIELLE!!!

LOVES neather


God bless you’ll family! You’ll have beautiful memories to cherish of her. I don’t know you Danielle however, I know one thing YOU’RE ONE STRONG MAMA

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