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Erik | Illinois

Meet 13-year-old Erik and his sweet family.

Erik loves music and loves to sing. Although he doesn’t talk much, he sure can sing. When Erik is happy and having a good day, his smile and laughter light up a room and everyone in it.

Erik also loves to hug, and he gives the best ones.

His mother shared, “Erik is a very sick little boy. He has been in and out of the hospital since October 2014, but mostly in. He went from being very verbal and potty trained, to no longer having these skills. He has declined rapidly since October. He has lost so many skills that he has aquired over the years.”

Erik faces many hardships including autism, ADHD, sensory integration, a seizure disorder, bipolar, schitzophrenia, and a brain lesion that cannot be biopsied due to the location.

It’s hard to imagine a little boy going through all of these challenges, and our hearts go to Erik’s courageous family who are the epitome of love.

Thank you to Tangie Sheets  http://www.lifereflectionsbytangie.com for donating her time and talent.
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Mandy West

Erik is so sweet n Handsome.I’m so glad I’ve met his mommy Stacie through Facebook n both live in Illinois My daughter Aaliyah with some of the exact diagnosis as Erik both have had long stays at a Streamwood Hospital I feel like I know Lil Erik through his Mommies stories n pictures He’s the best Love You Sweet Handsome Boy #TEAMERIK

What a great family. God bless you in your journey.

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