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Sara | Pennsylvania

Meet 16-year-old Sara and her beautiful family.

Sara loves anything British – she chose London for her Make-A-Wish trip and was able to travel there last summer for a once-in-a-lifetime dream trip. She is a HUGE Harry Potter fan and she loves to read. She has read the Harry Potter series numerous times and could probably quote the books directly.

Sara is shy around new people (especially adults), but she has a wonderful group of friends and she loves to spend time with them. She is a smart girl with a love of learning and she has a huge heart and great empathy for others.

This brave young lady has pulmonary hypertension and ectopic atrial tachycardia. We admire her bravery to persevere through a challenging road, and wish her a happy, healthy, a very long life ahead full of laughs and love.

A special thank you to Christine Chardo of http://www.christinechardophotography.com for donating her time and talent.


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