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Jaxon | Connecticut

Meet 2-year-old Jaxon and his family. You can’t help but smile seeing his smile! And if you sing him a song, the smile will grow even wider.

Jaxon has a twin brother and an older sister too. He wins the World Record for happiest baby, ever. Jaxon has no idea that he’s even sick.

He loves Superman, so his loved ones affectionately call him Super Jax. He also lights up for stuffed animals and anything musical.

Super Jax is dependent on a trach, a ventilator, and an NG feeding tube. He cannot walk due to severe hip dysplasia. Jaxon has OEIS complex, and the challenges he faces are vast, ranging from chronic lung disease to spina bifida.

We wish Jaxon a lifetime of love and laughs.

A special thank you to Stacy Burt of http://www.stacyburtphoto.com for donating her time and talent.


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