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Gabe | Colorado

Meet Gabe and his beautiful family. Gave is a typical, silly 2-year-old. He enjoys singing songs, adores all types of animals, and loves reading books (especially books about animals!) He is a very animated kid and has even made up some of his own sign language.

His parents consider him a “miracle baby.” He was born with CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.) He had the fastest recovery from his surgery at 9 days old that doctors had seen in years and he only had a NICU stay of 40 days.

He was diagnosed with LCH (Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis, a rare Cancer) at 19 months old and started chemotherapy. Right now, it looks as though the chemo wiped out the LCH. However, his liver is badly scarred from the LCH and cannot recover. He is currently on the waiting list for a liver transplant.

His family shared, “He’s the strongest person we’ve ever met and has truly taught us what it really means to appreciate each day.”

Our deepest gratitude goes to Hillary Wheat of www.hwheatphotography.com for donating her time and talent.

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Bradley verhovec

Hi, I was sent this page by a friend my 20 month old son was just diagnosed with LCH 2 weeks ago and had his first chemo appointment this past Tuesday. I was wondering if you could give me any advice on what this journey entails for our family.

Tessa Cam (Gabe's mom)

Hi Bradley! I feel like I am very knowledgeable about LCH, the different types, and the different treatments and chemos. I will give a rundown on my son’s journey but feel free to email me with any questions.
My son had multisystem high risk LCH in his skin, ears, bone (mostly skull) and liver. He did 5 rounds of Clofarabine (the newest chemo sometimes used but not for all “types” of LCH.) He only did 5 rounds (5 months) and then had no evidence of disease. From what I’ve read and others I’ve talked to, 5 rounds is not much. His skin completely cleared after 1 round, his ears after 2 rounds, and his skull lesions never got bigger and started to decrease in size after 5 rounds. But, his liver was already too damaged and he needed a liver transplant. He received his liver transplant on July 9th and did amazing. Unfortunately though he very unexpectedly passed away on August 24th most likely from just a cold virus that got into his spinal fluid.
I have heard hundreds of stories of LCH survivors and most cases are not near as extreme as my son’s case. I’m sure your son will be a chsmpion 🙂 Please feel free to reach out to me. My prayers are with your family!


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