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Oakley | Michigan

Meet Oakley and his family.

Oakley is a 5-year-old little boy with a rare syndrome, Posterior Urethral Valves (PUV), a variant of Prune Belly Syndrome. He doesn’t let his disease confine nor define him. He is always smiling no matter what—shy at first—but warms up quickly. Oakley loves the Detroit Lions. His siblings make him smile the most, which is evident through these photos full of love!

At 20 weeks gestation, his family received news from the doctors that no mother should ever have to hear, “We see some very bad things going on with your baby’s kidneys and bladder. He might not take his first breath.”

Prune Belly Syndrome affects 1 in 40,000 babies. Most babies with this condition do not make it to their second birthday. The miracle baby whom no one thought would survive has lived against the odds and made a positive impact on so many people in his life.

Oakley has undergone several surgeries, and his progress has exceeded doctor’s expectations. Rather than dwelling on the things that Oakley may not be able to do, his family looks forward to all the things he will be able to do.

A very special thank you to Anne Jansen of  http://www.annejansenphotography.com for donating her time and talent.


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