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Avery | California

Meet 1-year-old Avery and her family.

Three words to describe Avery:

Fighter, active, and independent.

We’d also like to add, for the record:

The cutest little girl you’ve seen in your entire life.

Her mom explained, “She is such a fighter. She has been through hell and back—there were multiple times we weren’t sure how much longer she could fight, but she just kept pushing right through everything life threw at her.”

Avery was diagnosed with DiGeorge Syndrome, a chromosome 22 defect which can cause medical problems including heart issues; she uses has a trach and a G-tube to help her breathe and eat.

Avery has surpassed doctor’s expectations and they are continually impressed at how she isn’t “textbook.” She is a very active child. She is becoming such an independent little girl and wants to do everything in her own time including rolling and sitting up.

She has her own plans in life. She is the most happy when she’s with mommy or in her bouncer. She is a total mommy’s girl and lights up when mommy is around. Avery truly is a miracle.

Our deepest gratitude to Sara Kovacs of Baby Bean Portraits for donating her time and talent.


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