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Luke | Texas

Meet Luke and his family.

Luke loves his family and friends, and spending precious time together. He enjoys playing video games and outdoor activities. One of his favorite toys is a plasma car that he uses to zoom around the neighborhood. He loves building Legos and has a very creative imagination. He smiles the most when he and his twin sister Leia, are playing together.

Luke was diagnosed with high risk Stage IV Neuroblastoma on October 26, 2014 after a large tumor was discovered on his right adremal gland, and disease in the bone marrow as well. He has undergone tumor resection, chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy.

His twin sister has been very supportive of her brother during his treatment. These memorable photos of them together will bring smile to their family for a lifetime!

Luke’s current cancer status is unknown, and is being tested to determine if further treatment is necessary.

We wish him many more fun times ahead with his family, and to kick cancer once and forever.

Photos by Anna Angenend Photography.

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