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Elijah | Missouri

Elijah is the strongest person I know! He is very determined and perseveres no matter what (most times without complaining unless it involves hurts). He is very protective & always advocating for those that he loves and he is always thinking of others. He is gentle, sensitive, affectionate, and compassionate and it warms my heart every time I see him stand up for anyone that he thinks is being mistreated (I’ve seen him do this even when he is feeling his worst and in the hospital). Elijah has a huge heart and an old soul, but enjoys being a kid and making people laugh and smile; he is a bit of a jokester but he can also be a spitfire.

Elijah’s favorite movies are Kung Fu panda and Cars. He knows those movies like the back of his hand because he watched them several times a day throughout the last 3 years of being in and out of the hospital. He gets excited when he sees them on regular TV because in his mind, someone is playing them just for him. When watching them he can often be seen reciting and acting out each seen while laughing (especially the kung fu scenes). Elijah is also an avid Nick Jr. watcher, as TV shows like: Peppa the Pig, The Fresh Beat Band, Paw Patrol, and The Bubble Guppies have been the only constant thing that has brought him comfort and routine throughout the last three years. He was in preschool when we began the journey of his bone marrow transplant and it seems like we have been stuck in time because he has been unable to return to school. The thing that makes Elijah smile the most is being with his family. His eyes light up when family members walk in a room. He absolutely lives to be with his dad; they are best buds and they do everything together, and Elijah would have it no other way!

Thank you, Darla Peters of  Darla Peters Photography,  for your time and talent donated to Elijah’s family and Tiny Sparrow Foundation!



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