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Finn | Pennsylvania

Meet Finn and his family. This 5-year-old little boy is brave, courageous, outgoing, and full of life. Finn is always happy and cares so much about others. He loves superheroes and cars.

No matter what challenge is put before Finn, he always embraces it and puts a smile on his face. He works so hard on overcoming hurdles and never gives up!

At 2-years-old, he was diagnosed with apraxia of speech, which affects his ability motor plan and speaking.

At age 3 he was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis, a chronic immune system disease. It has been identified only in the past two decades, but is now considered a major cause of digestive system (gastrointestinal) illness. After many failed food trials, he ended up with no safe foods and a G tube as his sole source of nutrition. He is currently trialing food again with the hopes of finding something safe he can eat orally.

Finn’s has 3 beautiful siblings. Finn’s brother Campbell also has the same two conditions. Together they are strong and mighty and cute as pie.

A very special thank you to Deb Kepiro of Annie Sharp Photography for donating her time and talent.

Finn Ferrar -14Finn Ferrar -2Finn Ferrar -4Finn Ferrar -10Finn Ferrar -47

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