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Noah | North Carolina

Noah is a beautiful baby boy born October 8, 2014 with approximately 10% of his brain. An ultrasound before he was born revealed an enlargement of the ventricles in his brain, and an MRI after his birth showed more brain fluid, resulting in a stem cell infusion at just 5 days old. He was diagnosed with Hydranencephaly and was only given 28 days to live. He may have only been born with 10% of his brain, but he certainly was born with 100% of his heart as he still continues to shine his light in the world on a day-by-day basis. His story reminds all of us to be grateful for each and every moment God has given us. He is a pretty laid back infant and loves to be held. Don’t you just wish you could hold him all day?!

Thank you so much to Heather McGinnis for these absolutely lovely images of this precious guy and his family.

Noah Aycoth-7Noah Aycoth-22Noah Aycoth-2Noah Aycoth-19Noah Aycoth-33Noah Aycoth-15Noah Aycoth-37

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