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Bryce | Wisconsin

Meet Bryce and his family.

This 6-year-old little ray of sunshine will give the biggest smiles for bubbles. We can’t get over his bright eyes, too!

He’s a big sweetheart, is a very caring and affectionate boy who loves cuddling. Bryce loves Spiderman as well as his little brother who is his best friend.

His brother is 4-years-old and before diagnosis they were inseparable, so it’s been very hard on the two.

Bryce was diagnosed with B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on his 5th birthday, August 24, 2014. Today he is currently in remission. He is 9 months into his 3 1/2 year chemo treatment with an end date of November 2017.

We wish him a long, healthy life ahead full of laughter and smiles.

A very special thank you to Gina Fiene of Fiene Photography for donating her time and talent.


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