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Casey | Texas

Meet Casey and his family. He is a very outgoing 6-year-old boy who loves to play ice hockey, and is interested in anything shark or ocean related.

At just 2-weeks-old, Casey was in and out of the hospital due to breathing issues and what the family thought was reflux. During an upper GI series, a large tumor was found in his back, behind his lung. Casey immediately had surgery to remove the tumor and a biopsy confirmed his family’s fears. He was diagnosed at 9-months-old with Neuroblastoma.

He received the very best treatment and care. By December 2010, “no evidence of disease” was declared—“the best Christmas present our family could receive,” his mother explained. Comfortable with this outcome, the military family relocated from Delaware to Texas. Living a normal 4-year-old life and enjoying school, during a routine appointment, their world was turned upside down again.

Four tumors were discovered after being cancer-free for three years, including one behind his ear. Casey underwent surgery again to remove that tumor, and the other three remain; there are no cancer cells present.

On March 11 of this year, his status changed to Cancer Free/Survivor. His family’s wish is that Casey’s passion for public speaking and raising awareness for Childhood Cancer Research continues. And, to remain cancer free forever!

He wants to be a scientist and an “Air Force Guy” when he grows up. Casey’s family makes him smile the most, including his dog Bruce Springsteen.

A very special thank you to Susan Hinds of Purest Light Photography for donating her time and talent.

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