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Oscar | Michigan

Meet Oscar and his family. This 2 ½ year old boy has a smile that is contagious, his strength is profound, and he teaches his family everyday how to fight and make the world a better place. His brothers definitely make him smile the most! He is a fun loving little boy who likes anything that moves or make noise.

At 2 weeks of age he was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia, a rare liver disorder that only affects approximately 200 children a year. The only definitive treatment is a liver transplant; Oscar was transplanted on January 28th of this year. Additionally, Oscar also has two ventral septal defects (VSD) in his heart, which required open-heart surgery last December.

Today he is doing wonderful. The family is simply trying to get back to the new normal. After many surgeries including a Kasai procedure, open heart, and 3 separate surgeries the day of his transplant, healing and being with his brothers are his favorite things to do! His family wishes and prays for a life of recovery for Oscar. His mother shared, “He hasn’t been given the chance to be a little kid and that is what he is enjoying the most right now!”

Our deepest gratitude for Jen Kniivila of http://www.jenkniivila.com for donating her time and talent.


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