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Mason | Pennsylvania

Meet Mason and his family. Two-year-old Mason has a smile and laugh that just radiates happiness. He has a passion for music; he loves to play music with his instruments and dance like nobody is watching.

Mason has Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) and also faces some medical issues including PFO, swelling around his heart, lymphedema and a thyroid issue. He still remains one happy little boy though!

“Raising a child with special needs often comes with a set of unique challenges, but there is not a day that goes by that we do not take such great pride in Mason’s accomplishments because they once seemed like they were impossible,” explained Mason’s mom.

Lymphedema of the extremities causes swelling around his hands/fingers, heart and feet. The swelling does make it a bit challenging when it comes to working with Mason’s fine motor skills. Although Mason works really hard with each task, he does take a bit more time manipulating his fingers to lift objects and press the buttons on his toys.

Mason is also hypotonic (low muscle time) and wears ankle support braces to help him manage his little chubby (swollen) feet but he finally took his first unassisted walking steps recently. His family is so proud!

Mason has a team full of therapists that visit 4 days a week.

His mom added, “Mason has really changed us in ways we would never have changed ourselves. He has taught us patience, compassion, and to love like we have never loved before.”

A special thank you to Jillian McDermott for donating her time and takent.


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