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Lauren | Texas

Meet Lauren and her family. Lauren has a spirit about her that is obvious by her smile. She loves the movie Frozen, any show big brother makes her watch, family movie night, pizza, and she loves to dance to all the bad Top 40 music.

A month or so prior to Lauren’s diagnosis, her family noticed black and blue marks appearing. As the days went by, the marks were increasing. They made an appointment with her pediatrician and he ordered lab work. Less that 24 hours later, they were sitting in the ER of Children’s Hospital Dallas, hearing the very devastating news that Lauren had Leukemia. It took several days afterwards to determine the type of Leukemia, but they were blessed that she had the “best kind” of Leukemia and she would later be categorized as low risk after achieving remission just 29 days after diagnosis.

Lauren was unable to go to school for a little over a year. It was so hard on her, because she loves to be with her friends in a classroom. Lauren was hospitalized numerous times and has unfortunately had many significant complications from the chemo and other medications. As of April 2014, Lauren was back in school full-time and has had zero trouble keeping pace with her friends.

She’s now in the final treatment phase—maintenance. She’s had some set backs during this time period, but her attitude and personality help her to take this all in stride.

Throughout her journey with leukemia, Lauren has overcome many things, such as taking yucky medicines and not crying when her blood is drawn. She loves to hear how proud people are of her, and when her big brother says so, her smile could light up the room.

Her mom added, “Our wish for Lauren is to remain cancer free and wrap up her treatment as planned in May 2015, just in time for her to start kindergarten. We are also planning to launch a Foundation in her honor so we may help other families just entering this very dark and winding road. There is also mention of getting a puppy to celebrate.”

Our deepest gratitude for Amy Headington of http://www.imagesofgracephoto.com for donating her time and talent.


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