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Angel | Alabama

Meet 17-year-old Angel and her Mom. Angel, a fitting name for this young lady, is bubbly with a carefree personality.

One day her Mom received a phone call from the school nurse that Angel was having a hard time breathing. An ER visit and several tests later, masses were found in her chest and a collapsed lung. More tests and several weeks passed before receiving the official diagnosis of Ewing’s Sarcoma, a bone cancer, which accounts for only 1% of all childhood cancers. Angel has experienced dozens and dozens of chemo treatments, radiation, and surgery to remove 3 ribs. Today she hopes to finish chemo by the end of the year. She has spent more time in the hospital than out of it in the last year; she’s only been to school twice since diagnosed exactly 1 year ago. When she’s admitted and it’s not for chemo, then it’s for treating fevers, dehydration and infections. She’s incredibly tired most days.

Angel is artistic, loves music, and plays multiple instruments (piano, flute, ukulele, guitar), which she taught herself without lessons. She loves to smile, laugh and has a very compassionate heart. She wants to do costume make-up on Broadway when she graduates from school. Right now, everything about life makes Angel smile. Seeing the sunrise, being with friends, hearing a great song on the radio … she’s just enjoying being alive!

Angel loves children and will have many of her own someday. She wants to help raise money for the kids and families who are going through what she’s gone through. Angel understands how precious life is and how you can never take anything for granted. Her mom explained, “While most kids her age probably don’t think that they can die today or tomorrow, she is completely aware that it can happen at any moment and I hope that knowledge will encourage her to really live her life — to take chances and not be afraid to live. You never know what tomorrow holds.”

Our deepest gratitude to http://www.sfisherphotography.com for donating her time and talent, and capturing their first mother/daughter photos since Angel was a baby.

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anne lewis

I just wanted to say how much your story ment to me to know that your such a strong and brave woman and so determined is admiring. Please dont ever give up and keep modeling because you are a very beautiful girl and you smile just makes it so much better…God bless you and your mother, you both are a true inspiration…..

Vicki Brazil

God Bless you! You are such an inspiration!

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