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Graham | Minnesota

Meet Graham and his family. This 2-year-old little boy is sweet as sugar, goofy, easy going and happy! His dog Bo is one of his favorite treasures in life and he loves his parents too. He also has a special interest in anything with wheels — trains, trucks and cars.

At his 6-month check-up, Graham’s primary doctor referred him to see a specialist due to a lazy eye that wasn’t subsiding. His parents were expecting to be told the lazy eye is common and will go away with patch therapy. However the specialist saw a tumor right away—retinoblastoma—cancer of the eye.

This courageous family quickly sought help from one of only six hospitals in the United States that treat Retinoblastoma with IA Chemo, which he started almost immediately.

After 7 rounds of chemo in Minnesota, plus countless cryo and laser treatments, he started to have clear/ reports and they were thrilled that this scary journey was coming to an end. But then in October of 2013, one of the tumors in his eye had a regrowth. The family prepared to have his eye removed during his next visit because the doctor told them it was inevitable, as the tumor would keep growing. They received a second opinion. Graham had a radioactive plaque treatment, 2 more rounds of chemo, and also a few cryo and laser treatments. To date… he still has both eyes, and has been clear for almost 3 months!

Today he is home and living a normal daily life, with the exception of traveling to New York City every 7 weeks for check ups, which often includes him going under anesthesia. Graham will continue to get check ups and possibly treatment until the age of 5 when the eye stops developing. The journey will never really be over because Retinoblastoma puts him at high risk for several other cancers the rest of his life, but he will be watched closely from his loving family and medical team.

Thank you to Kedra Doyle of http://www.mybabylovephotography.com for donating her time and talent to Graham and his family!

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Jeannine/Dick Buechner

Love the article. We are Graham’s Great Grandmother and Grandfather.

John Booher

He is a beautiful young child and a pleasure to be around! I am so proud of the fight the Graham and his parents have exhibited! All my prayers and hopes are behind Graham and I know with the fight that he has exhibited, he will be a tremendous achiever.

Our love is with him forever!!

MIchelle Cox

(Friends from Hastings) I have followed Grahams journey through Caring Bridge and am so inspired by his strength and his parents devotion and faith. Graham is a sweet little boy with a killer smile. What a gift from God. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family.

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