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Tarrin | Virginia

Meet Daddy’s Little Girl, Tarrin.  This 3-year-old is feisty, vivacious and lives life to the fullest. One moment “Rin” is riding on a tractor, playing in the dirt and rolling around with their dogs, then the next moment she’s getting a pedicure and fashion advice. Tarrin has a kinship for music ~ including dancing, singing and even making her own songs!

Around her 2nd birthday, Tarrin’s mommy noticed petechiae on her cheeks, eyes and tummy. Tarrin has down syndrome and Mom knew this could be a sign of cancer. A blood test showed low platelets, then a bone marrow biopsy and aspirate confirmed the family’s deepest fear—baby girl had MDS/AML – Leukemia.

Her two biggest fans are her older siblings, Tyera and Kristchen. They love her “to the moon” and are instrumental in helping their sister fight cancer.

Rin is now in remission and recently completed her final round of chemotherapy. Her family wishes her a happy, healthy life ahead and hopes that she will always follow her heart and dreams.

A special thank you to Katie Cartwright of www.katiecartwrightphotography.com for donating her time and talent.


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