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Meet Melanie | Director of Operations

MelanieHeadshot_SmallCroppedTiny Sparrow Foundation is happy to welcome Melanie Richeson as its Director of Operations to the Board of Directors. In her role Melanie will lead initiatives in technology and business solutions to support the foundation’s daily operational efficiency.

“I’m excited to be joining the Tiny Sparrow Foundation team and to support their mission, which frames hope as one of life’s most powerful forces. The Tiny Sparrows in this program show that regardless of life’s setbacks, we can still choose to live in tomorrow’s limitless promises rather than today’s paralyzing fears.

Before being introduced to the Tiny Sparrow Foundation, stories of children facing life-threatening illnesses would bring up mental pictures filled with sadness… pictures of children fighting for their lives in hospital rooms and families struggling to cope with the burdens of treatment and mourning fears of the unknown. The Tiny Sparrow Foundation has taught me that while these scenes are a part of illness, they do not tell the whole story. In fact they are tragic misrepresentations of their journey. These mental pictures need to be replaced with images that highlight the warm beauty and inspirational strength of these courageous young souls. We should see contagious laughter bellowing from that child in the hospital bed, reminding us that in any circumstance at any place, moments of joy can bring us to higher ground. We should see how the parents and siblings pour their love out to each other as they place once-important superficial desires to the side and choose to rally together. These families are living proof that no circumstance, diagnosis or tragedy in this world can separate us from God’s love. This isn’t to say we shouldn’t extend our hearts to these families with compassion, but as Krista Tippet put it in her TED talk, seeing beauty is a part of compassion:

“Compassion… is a willingness to see beauty in another, and not just what it is about them that might need helping”

I believe this is the heart of the Tiny Sparrow Foundation, and that we’re working together to provide a gift that reaches beyond the beautiful photographs we share with families. The Picture of Hope program is also about encouraging our Tiny Sparrows to see the beauty in themselves at the time they need it the most. This is a mission very close to my heart as the art of photography helped carry me through the most difficult times of my life by reminding me that even in the ugliest of days, there is always beauty to be found.

I very much look forward to being a part of the Tiny Sparrow Foundation and I hope that with the support of our volunteers, partners and donors we can continue to grow and share stories and pictures of hope from children around the world. Together we can help each other paint a new picture of these amazing children fighting for their lives… a picture of hope!”


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