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Lahela | Arizona

Meet Lahela and her family. She is sugar and spice and everything nice.

This 8-year-old, simply put, is good. She exudes goodness. She makes people around her want to be good. And as her mothers says, “she is different in every good way possible.”

And GOODness gracious, isn’t she just adorable?

Lahela was diagnosed with CSWS (Continuous Spike Waves during Slow Sleep) or ESES (Electrical Status Epilepticus of Sleep) which is a rare form of Epilepsy; she has seizure spike waves up to 95% of the time she is sleeping. She also has Intractable Epilepsy, ADHD, and is considered “other health impaired” (previously considered developmentally delayed) with a Speech and Language disability. Even when she’s in and out of consciousness during a seizure, she’ll tell her Mom not to cry and reassures her everything with be okay.

The Sugar Side: She loves My Little Pony, having jobs in her special ed classroom, her big sister, and playing on a soccer team (although she doesn’t get to participate anymore due to increased seizures, Lahela still kicks the soccer ball around when she can). She is thoughtful, helpful, and caring.

The Spice Side: She loves waking up in the morning and making sure everyone gets to smell her breath before brushing her teeth, and works hard at everything she does…except cleaning her room. She is stubborn and funny.

A special thank you to Bri Holloway of www.brihollowayphotography.com for donating her time and talent to Lahela’s family.


Ricardo Santana

Beautiful pictures. Lahela has grown so much and the three of you are picture perfect. Our very best to you.

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