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Jesse | Texas

Meet Jesse. He is 6-years-old and has been through more in his short life than most of us will in an entire lifetime. At 3-months-old, Jesse had a stroke that left him cortically blind, profoundly hearing impaired, attached to a ventilator which he is completely dependent on, has a trach, and is G-tube (gastrostomy) dependent.

Jesse spent one year in the NICU and his health improved. However last year his health drastically declined and he now has cardiac and respiratory issues. Recently the family was sent home from the ICU, with little to no positive prognosis; he was saved after having a cardiac arrest.

His family is embracing every minute of every day, as they know tomorrow isn’t guaranteed with their sweet Jesse. He’s been fighting with all of his might, with all of his heart – for so long.

Baby boy, you inspire us to embrace life more abundantly. To never take another sunrise for granted. To never ignore our freedom of mobility. To never forget that every natural breath we take is a gift. Knowing your story has made us pause to count our blessings, and for that, we say thank you.

Our deepest gratitude goes to Christina Anglum of www.christinaanglumphoto.com for donating her time and talent to Jesse and his family.

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