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Ashton | West Virginia

Meet Ashton and his family. What we have here is a code red alert for cuteness. This 4-year-old is a sweetie pie on the outside and a soldier at heart on the inside. He was born on Christmas eve weighing just under two pounds, and he wasn’t breathing. Ashton’s first year of life included a series of GI appointments, allergy appointments, and ENT appointments. No one could ever figure out why he would run unexplained 102 fevers on a regular basis. Then the family discovered around this time last year that Ashton was sick, really sick. Meanwhile his Mother was pregnant with Ashton’s younger sister, Addison, at the time of receiving this devasting news.

It was determined he had PUV, Posterior Urethral Valves, an abnormality of the urethra. Ashton had his UT and ureters rebuilt last February. He also has Stage Three Chronic Kidney Disease; Ashton has 45% kidney function and will eventually need an organ transplant.

His medical team is keeping an eye on his bladder as well because it is 4x the normal size and will eventually need to be reconstructed in the near future. Unfortunately he seems to catch everything due to a lowered immune system, too. Although the family knows that he will need additional medical interventions throughout his life, the family has been focused on celebrating his healing so far. Unfortunately he seems to catch everything due to a lowered immune system. We wish sweet Ashton smooth sailing and a lifetime of smiles.

A special thank you to Brent MacKey Photography for donating his time and talent on behalf of Tiny Sparrow.

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Brent Mackey

I want to thank the great folks at R&L Studio in Columbus,OH who opened their new studio early for me to accommodate the session with Ashton and his wonderful family.

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