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Lexi | Arizona

Meet Lexi and her family. This 4-year-old little girl is sweet, strong-willed and funny as can be! She loves to play, play and then play some more.

It’s hard to believe that behind this bright-eyed smile, she has suffered from seizures since the inception of her life. Although Lexi wasn’t diagnosed until 5 months old, her parents knew something wasn’t right from early on. She stared off, rarely smiled, and didn’t roll or sit up on her own. Over time the seizures worsened.

It was determined that she was born with a malformation of the brain called cortical dysplasia, which only seemed to impact the right side of the brain and caused constant seizures. Development was robbed from little Lexi with every seizure and heavy medication was required, but didn’t offer relief.

At 13-months-old she had a two-part brain surgery, which sadly didn’t do the trick. By 2 1/2 she walked on her own and used sign language in place of speech. By 3-years-old, her medical team felt that the only option to save her life was by performing a radical procedure to remove half of her brain, a right hemispherectomy.

Six months later Lexi had the surgery. She suffered from left side paralysis and loss of left peripheral vision in both eyes. The next 3 months were spent in the hospital undergoing rehab to regain movement of her left side. For a brief period of time, she made huge gains physically and developmentally, but then the seizures returned.

In January 2014, Lexi will have a second hemispherectomy because a few connections were missed in the first surgery and doctors believe they can correct this to stop the seizures. Her family prays for freedom and are grateful for every moment they are blessed to have their daughter/sister with them.

A very special thank you to Bri Holloway of http://www.brihollowayphotography.com for donating her talent and time to Lexi’s brave family.

Kaydee Howard

These pictures are absolutly beautiful… Such a lovely family we adore you guys. All our love, Kaydee, Chuck, Hailey & Copper Howard. xoxoxoxo

I have loved all of your AMAZING photos from your trip. We went on a trip last year and hiked in the rain fesrot. It was awesome and I long to go back there daily. I hope that you have a wonderful week. Saw you again on Fit and Fun. You look fabulous as always!

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