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Chloe | California

Meet Chloe and her family. She is the “liddol” sister to eight siblings in a blended family ranging in age from 2 to 36 years old. No written description to describe Chloe would do her justice, so we’ll let the photography speak for her tenacity and enthusiasm for life.

She was so anxious to become apart of this beautiful world, her mother gave birth in the backseat of the family car en route to the hospital. Unfortunately, the family didn’t realize this would be the first of many hospitalizes in her lifetime.

A few days before her second birthday, Chloe was diagnosed with a very rare cancer affecting only 20 children a year on average. The cancer, Clear Cell Sarcoma of the kidney resulted in a two-pound tumor being surgically removed and part of her right kidney. Additional testing revealed the cancer had spread to her brain, upgrading her condition to Stage 4.

This sweet little warrior has completed seven rounds of radiation and very intensive chemotherapy, which led to many hospital stays. No tumors are present right now, but she will continue to undergo chemo for several more months. Her family is split apart most days due to the long distance travel between home and the hospital, so they look forward to reuniting again in the future.

A special thank you to Alicja Burnette of http://alicjaburnettephotography.com/ for donating her time and talent to Chloe’s family.


Lorelei Summers-Collins

Chloe is my “liddol”, sweet, and amazing sister… She has endured much more than I could ever imagine, but still keeps a smile on her beautiful face! Whenever I walk into her hospital room, she yells “SISSY!! Sissssy! Siiisssy!!” And it melts my heart… She loves princesses right now, probably because she’s our liddol princess, and can maneuver an iPad far better than anyone I know! Chloe will keep on fighting, it is in her blood 😉 Love you liddol sissy!!
-Lorelei (your biggest sissy

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