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Brianna | Kentucky

Meet Brianna. She has battled medical complications since a very young age.

At five-years-old, a mass was discovered – the tumor known as Neuroblastoma. It is a cancer that develops immature nerve cells found in several areas of the body. By age 6, she was back home in remission after surgery and a lot of TLC. At the age of 13 in December 2011, blood work came back with red flags at a follow-up appointment. The red flag was that Brianna’s kidneys were failing and she’d need an organ transplant. The damage was caused by the Neuroblastoma she originally had years earlier. She also had major damage to her bladder which needed fixing. Medical teams have told her family that the problem will never be fully corrected as the problem that caused the kidney failure is structural.

Brianna had her Nephrectomy, Central, and Bladder Reconstruction/Augmentation on November 7th 2012. ER visits, physical therapy, more surgeries and medical complications followed. Then on June 20, 2013 she had a kidney transplant, thanks to her generous step father donating his organ. Through it all, she’s done her best to keep a smile on her face, despite feeling pain on the inside. Her entire family has rallied behind her with support and strength to never give up.

A special thank you to Christina Terrano of http://terranophotography.com for donating her time and talent to Tiny Sparrow and Brianna’s family.

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