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Rowan | Massachusetts

Meet Rowan. She is the product of unconditional love by her Mommy & Daddy, their only child. At 2 ½ years old, an MRI revealed she had developed one of the worst childhood cancers, diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma.

Throughout her courageous fight of chemotherapy and radiation, she remained happy and bright. When that did not prevent the tumor from growing, an alternative therapy extended her life for another year. Rowan was able to go down slides, dance to Lady Gaga videos, and picked flowers in the garden. She was clever, funny, and made people laugh every single day.

Tiny Sparrow captured this sweetie pie in a precious {Picture of Hope} session over the winter holidays. Rowan succumbed to her brain tumor in May 2013, two years after her diagonsis. She remains in her family’s heart and soul forever and ever.

We extend our gratitude to Mary Macomber of http://www.pebblesandpolkadotsphotography.com for her act of kindness to our Foundation and Rowan’s family. We are humbled by her gift behind the lens.

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