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Adalyn | Minnesota

Meet Adalyn and her family. At only 10-months-old, she was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, a rare cancerous tumor in the retina of her eye. She is undergoing chemotherapy for a total of six months, and receives the treatment every four weeks for two days at a time.

Her brother Benjamin and sister Hannah fiercely stand behind brave Adalyn with their Capes of Courage. You can follow along her journey on the family’s Facebook page.

Precious Adalyn, we are all cheering for you ~ you are a very special little girl.

Our heartfelt appreciation to Stacey Buckingham of http://buckettphotography.com for sharing her gift behind the lens.

THANK YOU!!! These are absolutely beautiful and a memory we are going to treasure forever. It is so nice to be able to capture such a scary, stressful, unknowing time with smiles and love. It was a way that our family could enjoy a couple hours out of our chaotic life for just us! Thank you again!!!!

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