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Grayson | Inoperable Brain Stem Tumor | Minnesota

Meet little Grayson and his beautiful family. He was diagnosed with a very rare, inoperable brain stem tumor at just 7 months old, and is the strongest little guy with the brightest blue eyes. He has been receiving weekly chemo since June 2011, and continues to fight with all of his being.

This little man is everything bright, playful, and fearless. He loves playing with his sibling and watching the packers games with his daddy.

Brave Gray, keep on fighting and {never, ever, give up.} You have inspired the entire tiny sparrow team with your courage.

We express our gratitude to Michele, of mQn Photography,  for her act of giving forward to our Foundation and Grayson’s family.  We are humbled by her gift behind the lens.





Rodney Kaufman

I Love this family and their pictures , Grayson is such a Beautiful Boy and his family are too I Thank You for sharing your family Jessica , Love to you all ……………Rodney

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