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Everett | Ventricular Septal Defect | Colorado

Everett is one month old and is fighting ventricular septal defect, a heart defect found in infants. Everett has a hole between the two lower chambers of his heart. Due to the hole, Everett may have many complications throughout his life. One complication he has developed is the early stages of heart failure. Everett’s family is preparing for surgery that will fix the hole when he reaches three months old. Sweet Everett has down syndrome but is the apple of his three big sisters eyes. They are his protectors.

He is surrounded {always} with a family full of tender love.

A humble and heartfelt thank you to Melissa of Melissa J Photos for her {kind and beautiful} being as the photographer for a Picture of Hope for Everett.


These are beautiful pictures of a gorgeous family with a well loved baby boy!

Jennifer King

These are absolutely beautiful! ♡

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