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Emily | Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia | Pennsylvania

Meet Emily. She is a {charismatic} second grader fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Emily’s cancer has relapsed three times since her diagnosis in May 2010. In order to treat her Leukemia for the third time, Emily was enrolled in a Phase 1 clinical trial. She was the first pediatric patient ever to receive modified T-cells to fight her leukemia. Shortly after her infusion, Emily was in repertory distress and her doctors decided to put her into a medically induced coma. It is a miracle that Emily came out of the coma and continued to get better. This inspiring little girl keeps on fighting no matter what odds she has against her. She has spent a large amount of time in the hospital but still manages to find the best in every moment and enjoy each day. She gives hope to other kids fighting cancer with her amazing attitude towards her illness. We are happy to report as May 2012 Emily is in remission! Emily, keep on fighting. {We believe} in you.

Emily’s Facebook Support Page

As many of you know, September marks National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Emily has been a tiny sparrow since early this year but just had her Picture of Hope session this September. She is beautiful and brave and her story is one of {hope} and promise in the fight against childhood cancer. Christine, of Christine Chardo Photography, there are no words of thanks for knowing you were on standby for this session as we all watched Emily’s brave fight this past year. There is no doubt, you were meant to be Emily’s photographer for A Picture of Hope.






Stephanie Johnson

WE BELIEVE!! You are such an Inspiration to Everyone Emily!! God Bless You!!

What an inspiration! Praying this remission continues! These are gorgeous images of a beautiful little girl and her supportive family. Thank you Tiny Sparrow and Christine Chardo for this precious gift.

Everything about this is beautiful. I’m so happy to read that Emily is in remission! It takes such a brave soul to go through what she went through, and to keep on smiling coming out the other side.

Emily, I hope you continue to heal and have a beautiful life!

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