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Evan | single left ventricle heart | Nevada

Evan is {valiantly} battling single left ventricle heart, a heart defect were only one ventricle is large and strong enough to pump effectively. This fighter had his first surgery at just 6 days old. After spending 74 days at the hospital, Evan was finally aloud to go home. Today, Evan can do most things other children his age can do except is unable to play sports and uses a g-tube for feedings. Evan has an upcoming surgery but will continue to show his momma, daddy and big sister how strong and brave he is through it all.

Evan’s mother shared with usEvan has a smile that makes you feel truly happy inside. His personality is amazing for a three year old. He always thinks of other people .Evanhas been through so much in his young life, I am truly proud of him, for all the battles he has had to fight and won, and for the bright young man he has become.”

Evan, continue to fill the world with bright smiles and a hopeful heart. Life is beautiful because {you} are here.

A most heartfelt thank you to Kelley of Kelley Joye  Photography for her ability to capture HOPE of Evan while he and beautiful family face this journey with love.

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