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Johnathon | Heaptoblastoma | New York

Meet Johnathon. This playful two year old is fighting Heaptoblastoma, a rare stage 4 liver cancer effecting only 1 in 1.5 million children. Shortly after he was diagnosed, Johnathon’s parents learned his cancer also developed to form two tumors on his lung. This fearless warrior is throwing cancer a curve ball with the help of the folks at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital.

Even while going through chemotherapy, this energetic little boy is full of giggles, smiles and sunshine. He continues to beat all odds with his parents, brother, and sister by his side.

Johnathon, keep fighting sweet warrior. Continue to inspire thousands with that sweet grin that lights up a room. We will love you, little warrior, always.

We are thankful and grateful to Dawn of Dawn Sela Photography who traveled a great distance to ensure Johnathon and his family had a Picture of Hope.  We are also grateful to Bayard Cutting Arboretum for their kindness to access to their beautiful grounds that hold a very special place in Johnathon’s mommy and daddy’s hearts.




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