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Jagger | Mitochondrial Disorder: Leighs disease | Georgia

Meet Jagger.  Jagger suffers from Leighs disease, one of the most severe forms of mitochondrial disease.  Leighs disease effects the central nervous system, leaving Jagger non-verbal. Jagger is everything sweet and cuddly. He loves watching sports with daddy and getting kisses from mommy.  Jagger continues to show the world that nothing can stop him.

We love that his mommy shared with us just today that “he is the love of our lives and the center of our universe.”

He is a {heartbreaker} and steals the heart of everyone he meets. The love and bond this family shares manifests itself in these beautiful photos.

We are so very thankful to Catherine of My Life Photography for traveling to Jagger’s house to capture images of a beautiful love and strength.






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these are so great!! LOVE exudes from these pics!

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