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Nicholas | Centralnuclear Myopathy | Minnesota

Sweet Nicholas is so {bravely} fighting x-linked myotublar myopathy with all of his might.

Don’t let his size fool you, this little boy was a {fighter} from the day he was born. Nicholas was “floppy” and had a hard time breathing when he was born, so he was transferred to a children’s hospital. He lived in the NICU as the doctors at Amplatz Children’s Hospital helped him get strong. In his own words (with help of his momma): ” I have been thru a lot, more than any one person should have too in a lifetime. I have done it with my head held high and in only two months.” We are so very happy to report that Nicholas is currently out of the hospital with his new G-tube to help with feedings and is doing what he does best, being {adorable} and letting his mommy, daddy and big sister Abby give him hugs and kisses. Nicholas is a light {shining} brightly in the lives of all who know him, capturing their heart in seconds.

Nicholas, the entire tiny sparrow team is cheering you on as you continue to {shine} and defeat x-linked myotublar myopathy. We are proud to watch you turn heads as you defy medical probabilities.

Our heartfelt thanks to Stacey of Buckett Photography for her time with Nicholas and his beautiful family.




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