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Brayden | Stage 3 Neuroblastoma | Wisconsin

A most special thank you to Makenzie Schultz of Kenzi Photography for traveling from another state to give this family the gift of a Picture of Hope. We are forever grateful Kenzi.

Meet beautiful baby Brayden and his big blue eyes that will {forever} capture your heart. At the tender age of three weeks old, Brayden was diagnosed with Stage III Neuroblastoma, a solid timorous cancer. This most courageous warrior has endured 4 rounds of chemotherapy and five surgeries, but cancer is NOT stopping him. Brayden continues to fight with the help of his mommy and daddy, and most of all, his loving sister Kaydence.

Brayden most recently reached the milestone of turning 8 months and we are happy to report that he is cancer free. His mommy shared with us on her blog:“On May 28, 2012, we received the results of the MRI that showed there was no evidence of disease and that Brayden was now cancer free! On June 13th, we finally hit the end of our journey with his final surgery, and the start of his after cares and check ups.”

Brayden, we are so proud of you. Continue to fight strong little warrior and we will be here cheering you on, forever

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