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Owen | Massachusetts | Leukodystrophy

At age 2 months, Owen was diagnosed with Leukodystrophy. Leukodystrophy is a progressive brain disease that has no cure. Owen is quite the little love who is a very sweet, cuddly little guy that fights through his illness that prevents his muscles from developing and has little to no muscle tone and no head control.

Owen has a big sister who, quite simply and so innocently, just loves on her little brother. As Owen’s mom shared on her blog she has created to celebrate the blessing he is in her life and also a means for her share this painful journey they are on, she shared “I really feel like Owen is hitting his stride. He seems so attune to the people around him. He is happy, he is eating, and he is tremendously loved” We would agree, that Owen is a most loved little beautiful and strong boy.

A heartfelt thanks to Jill Serrano for capturing love and tenderness from behind her lens.



Jill Serrano…Gorgeous job on capturing this beautiful family and little guy! Big Hugs to this family!

Beautiful photos – such a special day to remember forever. Love and strength to this family.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this for my daughter and her family… to be able to have this forever is just wonderful… what a beautiful gift to the Marshalls! Meme

Linda Marshall

Beautiful! You have captured the family’s love in your camera and turned it into something Owen’s family will treasure forever. Thank you for doing this for my son and his family.


These are INCREDIBLE-thank you so much for sharing your talent to create these photos for Owen and his family!!!

Lin Marie

I just can’t thank you enough for donating such an incredible talent to our Marshall Family…and ALL the Families you help by giving this gift. You are truly a giving, generous person Jill Serrano. Much Thanks, Owen’s “Auntie Lin”

Kathleen Scott

This is a beautiful family captured in most precious way. I love this!!! I am praying for Owen and his family. Kathleen

patricia souza

such wonderful pictures for memories to last forever. i am truly distressed to hear that owen has lost his battle. my most sincere prayers for you and your family on your loss. i have a 15 month old grandson who has just begun his battle with neuroblastoma, stage 3, possibly stage 4. waiting for more test results. so i know the deep pain you are feeling. God bless you and your family!!! <3

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