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Hope … In the Words of Tiny Sparrow Parents

Ayeisha | from her mommy

Hi Susan my hubby and I want to say thank you for the best picture of our family.  We love them thank you again. May God bless all of you dear people. Thank you again.


Miles | From his mom
The gifts that the Tiny Sparrow Foundation give parents like us, is something we have a hard time finding words to explain. You folks show generosity and compassion to a side of the world no person generally pays attention to. I was one of those people, I felt awful for the parents of an ill child but had never known the feeling of being in those shoes until now. The feelings that us as parents feel are unexplainable, as a parent you become more compassionate and learn that there are certianly more important things in life. The Picture of Hope book provided to our family is a tribute to the love we share for our ill child, no matter what is wrong with them these photographers capture moments of pure beauty, sometimes that beauty is all a person as left of their child. I didnt loose my child but I can not quit looking at his book or watching his video, Tiny Sparrow for our family sent us a hope of what tomorrow brings, with many more moments of beauty found daily in the smile of our son. For those parents who sent their Tiny Angels to heaven, my love and prayers are with you daily.Much Love Angie, Matt, Nevada, and Miles

Wyatt | From his Mom
It was humbeling to be given such an opportunity to capture our son in this moment in time. These images will forever allow us to forget about all his past and future medical struggles and instead simply look at him for who he is as a person. In the name of our entire family, THANK YOU for this amazing gift!
Grace | From her Mom
We just wanted to thank you so much for your incredible gift to our family and all that you help. Everytime I look at the photos of all these miracle tiny sparrows I tear up. Life is precious and we are thankful to be reminded of that. Thank you so much for all you do, and also a thank you to your photographer Kimberley from Candidly Inspired photography in Lancaster NY.
Evan | From his Mom
First of all I want to thank you again for all your time and effort, and for making it possible to have our pictures done.It truly means very much to our family.I am happy to report that Evan is out of the hospital and doing very well at this point. Evan has a smile that makes you feel truly happy inside. His personality is amazing for a three year old. He always thinks of other people. Always wanting to get something for his sister when we go out without her, or to bring her back something special.evan has been through so much in his young life, I am truly proud of him, for all the battles he has had to fight and won,and for the bright young man he has become.
The tiny sparrow foundation is completely amazing. The work that you all do for other family’s that go through so much will stay with them forever. Our photographer Kelley Joye is an amazingly sweet person. we felt very comfortabl with her. Our family will forever be greatful to you both.
Caitlin | From her Mom
I will never be able to thank you enough. You do not know how much this means to us. This is so special, words just cannot express my gratitude.

Anna James | From her Mom

I LOVED the music tribute – Anna James did too; I have a feeling we’ll be watching it many times in the next week! Thank you so much for the beautiful book and wonderful photographs. They are all over our house (literally) because I liked so many of them. Tiny Sparrow is a special organization, and I know the other moms of the kids you help treasure the moment in time you capture as much as I do. Thank you again!!

Benjamin | From his Daddy and Uncle

Benjamin’s Dad

We received Benjamin’s book this weekend and it is just breathtaking. We miss him dearly and having these photos will help keep him in our hearts forever. Thank you so much to the Tiny Sparrow Foundation, Shey Marin Photography, and Mary Beth Thomsen for helping create such beautiful memories of Benjamin. I’d also like to thank all those who have donated to this wonderful organization.

Benjamin’s Uncle

When Benjamin got his angel wings it changed all of our lives forever. Having been with our family and with P and C quite a bit, seeing the compassionate and empathic impression left on their lives by TSF has been something that has touched me in a profoundly meaningful way.

Seeing the donations made in Benjamins name was astounding. I still think about it every day. It was a weird combination of deep sadness and profound pride.

I’ve been talking about TSF to many many people and wish you all great success as you continue to offer beauty to families living in a world of love that is interwoven with anguish, worry and grief; where beautiful memories are always welcome at their table.

Libby | From her Mom

Oh my goodness!!!!!! They are so beautiful! I love this foundation and the support and kindess they have shared with my family. The sneak peek pictures are just so pretty and such a treasure for us.

Nikki | From her Mom

The real gift is in the photos you all take to capture the precious moments during a very difficult journey. Thank you so very much.


Britney | From her Mom

The pictures we have seen turned out beautiful. I would like to thank your foundation so much and to let you know just how much this means to my family. It’s been a long journey with lots of caring individuals volunteering to help. It is hard to put into words how we feel: just a heart felt thank you! The H family.



Wow! I came to the website, just to see what was new and I see my sweet baby girl on the cover and her heart buddy Benjamin. This totally made my day. Love it!!

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