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Meet Dawn | Director of Family Relations

Tiny Sparrow Foundation is happy to welcome Dawn Sargent as its Director of Family Relations to the  Board of Directors, in her role Dawn will oversee family intake, and the coordination of the {Picture of Hope} sessions.

“From the moment I came to learn and truly understand the gift in Tiny Sparrow Foundation,  I knew I had to be involved but was unsure where my place would be amongst these amazing woman who seemed to give so unselfishly of themselves to something so profound.  They dedicated themselves, through their art and passion, to a mother’s greatest gift and miracle…a child.  I have witnessed how fragile life is and yet how powerful the desire to live can be.  I believe this foundation maintains the purity and innocence of the young fighters amongst us.

I have known for years I have a passion to “give back” and “pay it forward”.  However I was unsure of my calling.  I have been blessed with looking into the eyes of a newborn child within seconds of their first breath and can tell you it was the most overwhelming feeling of love I will ever experience.  Tiny Sparrow will allow me the opportunity to comfort those tiny miracles and the families who created them during a fight for life.  I am honored to be part of your fight.”

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