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Jaisal | Chicago | Biliary Artresia

How does Jaisal spend his days? Like any 1 1/2 year old boy should; playing, laughing, and being just a tiny bit naughty (like swiping his mom’s cell phone to play with it!). When you see Jaisal’s smile stretch from ear to ear, its hard to believe that he lives with a chronic liver condition called biliary artresia.

Biliary atresia is a chronic, progressive liver problem that becomes evident shortly after birth. It affects approximately 1 in 15, 000 babies. Biliary atresia, or BA causes the bile ducts inside and outside the liver to become blocked or damaged. Because of this blockage, bile is unable to leave the liver and the liver becomes damaged. BA is a life-threatening disease and is fatal without treatment. THere is no cure for BA, but there are two treatment options, a special surgery called a Kaisai and a liver transplant.

Jaisal has had the surgical treament for BA in hopes of putting off the need for a liver transplant for as long as possible. Unfortunately, this was not the case and is currently recovering from surgery. As anyone who has lived through waiting for a transplant can tell you, it is a rollercoaster of a process with highs and lows. The highs come when a new liver becomes available, but there are many complications with a transplantation and often it takes many false starts before the right organ can be found. Needless to say, this is blindingly frustrating for a patient and their family. Jaisal helps his family stay strong while they fight this battle with him, he keeps them laughing with his antics and amazed with his strength.

A most {heartfelt} thank you to Tangie of Life Reflections by Tangie for her most beautiful images of {hope} for Jaisal and his family.

anne peck

I will put little Jaisal on my prayer wheel in hopes for a donor. My son has a friend who received a liver when he was new born, he is now 19 healthy years old! With every breath there is hope.

[…] I was blessed to meet this family a few months ago.  This little man charmed my heart with his smiles that were reserved for only special moments.  Several of the smiles were shared when my husband, who was along helping me, made a silly face.  My tall man either terrifies kids, or makes them laugh, and we were all so delighted it was the latter for J.  His parents are also incredible people and I so enjoyed meeting them and chatting with them as we walked around the conservatory.  You can read more about this Tiny Sparrow family and their story here. […]

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