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The Tiny Sparrow Giving Tree

As the leaves change color and fall to the ground for a winter’s nap, what follows next for most families is a time of year for giving thanks.  Thoughtful presents, laughs, and gratitude is shared.  However, there are some families that will face the holiday season within the confines of a hospital or trekking to and from hospitals for life-saving treatments.

While you give thanks for the gift which has no monetary value – good health – please also consider giving a donation to our Foundation; we offer the gift of HOPE in the form of lasting memories through beautiful photos.
Every single dollar raised for the Tiny Sparrow Foundation ensures that one more child with a terminal illness, and their family with heavy hearts, receives a Picture of Hope {photo album} while facing an uncertain future.

By contributing to our online Tiny Sparrow Giving Tree, you will fill it with leaves of love – be it $5, $10 or $25. With every donation, a leaf with your name or loved ones name will be added.  The Giving Tree will sprout its new leaves every Mondayevening on our website and Facebook page.


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