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Ethan | Neuroblastoma | Texas

Ethan has been diagnosed as stage 4 neuroblastoma and it is in his marrow in April 2010. Below you can read a little bit about his story.

Ethan was born January 23, 2001. He has three younger siblings, Lauren (7), Bryce (4), and Caleb (2). Ethan is the sweetest and most compassionate child you would ever meet. He truly cares about people and adores his younger siblings.

Ethan’s journey began in April 2010. Ethan started complaining of a mild tummy ache. A few days would go by and then he’d complain again. The pain seemed to come and go for two months. On June 18th the pain became very intense at night. Ethan had lost 12 pounds at that point from his last visit 6 or so months prior. The doctor thought it was constipation but did order blood work.

The labs were all clear as neuroblastoma is not always detected in the blood. A few days later, Ethan had a baseball game in which the pain took over. He called his mom to the dugout and asked if he could go home. His mom knew at that moment something was seriously wrong as Ethan would never walk away from a game.

A CT scan the next day revealed the devastating news. A massive tumor was sitting inside his abdomen and a team at Cook Children’s was waiting for Ethan.

Beautiful photography by Tamara Burross/From the Treetop Photography

Ethan’s favorite singer is TobyMac so we wanted to surprise him and put the slide show with picture on music by his favorite singer…

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Keri Bryant

These are amazing! What a sweet family and sweet foundation. So so glad I found you. Will be checking back in all the time. Keep up the amazing work. Hugs to you and these kids.

[…] I had the absolute privilege of photographing this amazing young warrior through my work with the Tiny Sparrow Foundation. He and his family touched my heart and continue to inspire me daily. Ethan has decided to auction […]

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