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It would be hard to describe in words the pain and emotions this family went through. Their precious 2 month old baby boy was not gonna make it but they wanted to make sure that they kept his memory alive so they asked us to photograph the very last but precious moments of Ayden’s life on this earth. The slide show and the beautiful pictures are all in memory of Ayden’s short life here on earth. Rest in peace sweet baby boy!

Thank you Tamara Burross with From the Tree Top Photography for helping us during this session.

Beautiful pictures… brings tears to my eyes. Prays going up for Ayden’s sweet family as they cope with his loss this holiday season.

Wow, if that’s not enough to get a person bawling, I don’t know what would. : *(

Yet, it’s so powerful and beautiful and touching all at once. Thank you for sharing. What a powerful memory you’ve given to this family, even if they were only able to share in his life for a short while.

I’m curious to know what video editing you used to pan in and out like that–I really love it and would love to know. Thanks! : )

Merry Christmas,

What an amazing gift to this family. Beautifully done. My thoughts and prayers are with Ayden and his family.


I choked back the tears while watching this slide show. As a parent, I cannot imagine the pain and anguish you go through while watching your child suffer. Let alone a tiny precious baby who will not make it. I’m so glad that you and the family have shared this very difficult time with us. Thank you very much Tiny Sparrow Foundation, for you are doing a great thing. ~God Bless~

Probably one of the most beautiful and touching sessions I’ve ever seen….To see the love that surrounded this precious angel….what a very special family….praying for this family, for some comfort and peace during such a difficult time!

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